Cleaning Procedures for Different Plantation Shutters


Your home d?cor can also be complemented by what we call the plantation shutters. The shutters also block visibility by stopping too much light from passing through your rooms and this enhances privacy at home. The shutters are readily available in the markets and thus they are very popular today. Common areas for purchasing these shutters include the manufacturers and local shop outlets. One can further get purchase information from websites of dealers of this product as well as other online forums. These days, all kinds of newcastle blinds exist ranging from PVC shutters to pollywood and many others and as such it is important to know which cleaning methods to be used for each type. This short discussion focusses on imparting such kind of knowledge to you.

Number one type of plantation shutters is timber. Cleaning for timber-made shutters can be conducted by use of moist cloths or vacuum cleaners. Dust and dirt removal is what the first step of cleaning this shutters should focus on. Next, a moist or dampened cloth is used to clean the concealed parts of the shatter. Finally, the wet surfaces of the shutter are dried off to prevent warping of the shutter surfaces.

Pollywood shutters are another kind of shutters and their cleaning process is unique. These shutters have the reputation of bearing under harsh cleaning conditions owing to the fact that they are artificially made. Normaly, the first step of cleaning this shutters is dirt and dust removal using cleaning cloths or vacuum cleaners. Next, cleaning is done for concealed parts of the plantation shutters followed by drying off of the wet surfaces.

Another category of plantation shutters is the exterior shutters. The procedure for cleaning exterior shutters is very different from that of used for interior shutters. Normally, exterior shutters require that caution be observed during their cleaning process. The first step used for cleaning exterior shutters is to use pressurized water to clean dirty surfaces. After this, water mixed with soap and bleach is used to clean irremovable stains.

Finally, we should also look at ways of cleaning shutters found in different rooms of a house. You find that some plantation shutters cleaning routine is more frequent than for others depending on where the shutters are found in each room. Rooms that get soiled easily should have their shutters cleaned more frequently. Rooms whose main dirt is grease, for instance, should have their shutters cleaned using grease removal detergents.


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